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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Dental industry ergonomics

Alright, this blog is for my dental industry patients and friends. Unfortunately your industry involves some awkward positioning. While that may be the case it doesn’t have to be all bad. Let’s discuss.

When working with a patient hunching is very common for the practitioner due to looking in the mouth at many different angles. As we can see in

the top photo, this is a common looking posture for one to use in dental clinics all over the world. Do you think this looks good? Hopefully not. Look at the rounded shoulders and the head tilting far forward. All this leads to increased stress and strain on the neck and spine overall. Not good.

Let's contrast to the second photo. Look how the neck and upper back make a relatively straight line vs the original photo. Also pay attention to how the bend forward takes place at the ball and socket hip joints rather than rounding off the thoracic spine. This greatly reduces the strain on the spine. While hard to see at this angle, the second photo has feet much wider apart This allows for easier hip movement to flex forward.

These tips will help you from getting a sore neck and back while working on our teeth.

Until next time, keep that back aligned.


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