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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Purses

We have discussed wallets, now we must discuss purses. There are many sizes and weights of purses and we will try to discuss them as best we can.

In a typical ‘on the shoulder’ purse situation we see people like in the top photo with the strap slung over one shoulder. This can be an issue as we tend to hike up that shoulder to prevent the purse from falling off while walking. A great solution is to go cross body with the bag. This way no matter what our arms are doing, the bag isn’t going anywhere, much easier to deal with. This also counts for your gym bag, luggage, you name it.

Another way purses are carried is in the bend of the elbow. This can be very irritating on the muscles/nerves in the bend of the elbow as it can act as a pressure point. This position also can make us hike the shoulder as in our first problem, causing neck and shoulder pain. Another issue this causes is pain in the biceps from holding the arm bent. These are ALL issues I have seen in the clinic. While it seems trends have made carrying a purse with a hand unfashionable, it works much better.

These are the most common purse issues with carrying technique, but of course, we must talk about their weight. The easiest

thing to say is that the bigger the bag, the more a person will carry. People always try to maximize what they can carry. Do you need a full size lotion and also a full water bottle in your purse? One litre of water equals one kilogram so these liquids add up FAST. Smaller purses can still look cool and be functional, so try avoiding large ones when possible.

Until next time, lose the extra stuff.


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