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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Smartphone Usage

We use these fantastic devices every day, including typing this quick tip right now. As great and entertaining (and annoying) as these devices are, there are right and wrong ways to use them.

In the first photo, we see the phone held very low near the legs. This makes the head look waaaaay down, which is very bad from a biomechanical perspective. This makes for 6x more work by your neck muscles - NOT IDEAL.

What is better is bringing your phone up to your face, instead of your face to the phone. Look at the second photo, the head

is level with the ground. This makes for a much happier neck (and decreased headaches!).

Another relatively common issue is resting the bottom of a smartphone on the pinky finger (see photo). This is an issue I have seen in the office. People get a hand strain/finger strain from the weight of the

phone. It seems hard to believe, but our fingers are not designed to operate in this manner, so it takes a toll. Please avoid this!!

All these same rules apply for an iPad or tablet. The main difference about those devices is they are heavier. Using an iPad in the style of a laptop (see our last tip on laptops) helps reduce the weight your arms support. Why hold it when a table will do the work for you?

Last point on phones is about making calls. Yes, people still do this. When phoning, avoid holding the phone to your ear in the ‘old-school’ way. Speakerphone or headsets are much better. If you aren’t able to use a hands free setup, try keeping the call short. And definitely don’t pinch the phone in your shoulder!!!!

Until next time, keep your head up.


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