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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Squat Technique

Squats are a very common exercise at the gym as well as something we do in our daily lives quite often. You likely do them (or should) all the time when picking things off the floor.

Let’s talk about the gym version. The MAIN issue people have is not sticking out their butt and have knees moving forward. See Photo #1. We want our butt to move backwards with the torso relatively upright.

Please look at photo #2. You can see the butt back just like sitting in a chair. This month I had a patient show me his

incorrect squat technique. I said ‘hang on, go sit down in the chair’. After his butt hit the seat I said ‘congratulations, you just completed perfect squat technique’. Sitting down we are required to move our butt backwards to catch the seat. If you can sit down, you can squat. (If you are proficient and have good balance you can do a squat with your toes touching the wall. Try it! Not easy at first.)

When at the gym, have a friend watch you after explaining this tip and you can police each other.

Now for an advanced tip when at the gym. Tuck in your shirt at the back very tight. Squat with no weight as far as you can. You’ll notice a point at which your butt curls in and the shirt tugs at you. This is an important point in your squat depth. On real repetitions at the gym you must stop PRIOR to where this occurs. Find the level and stop a few centimetres above and you’re golden

For the everyday squatting, this includes picking a sock off the floor. Do not bend like photo

#3, bring your butt down and save your back! The weight of the object is irrelevant. Our body is heavy enough to cause trouble if we bend over improperly.

That’s all for today. Until next time, stick that butt out.


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