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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Standing

Here is another thing everyone does, but as you can imagine there is a right and wrong way to do something as simple as standing.

Whether waiting in line at the grocery store or doing dishes at home, how we stand makes a big difference. One thing I want to key on for this blog is where our feet are placed.

If we stand with feet narrow as in the top photo, it makes it very easy to lean to one side and push the pelvis out to the side. We have all done this, and it seems

comfortable. The problem is it puts most our weight on one leg and is shoving force sideways

which tissues have to buffer. This can lead to pain on the side of the hip joints in the glute muscles.

In the second photo we can see a wider stance, this of course isn’t rocket science. In this position leaning on one leg is almost impossible due to where the feet are placed. Try it right now, you simple can not do it. This is a better starting position for standing, especially if you are standing in one spot for a while.

Another thing to consider is knee bend. We do not want to have our knees LOCKED straight when standing. A better approach is to bend the knees the slightest bit. This essentially puts a little ‘spring’ in your step and will make your body happier as a result.

One more consideration is footwear. When standing to iron my shirts, for example, I wear running shoes. This buffers some shock and makes ironing more palatable. Another thing is shifting weight side to side slowly vs being a statue. This gradual movement helps give each side a relative rest for a few seconds, making everything happier.

These are all easy tips you can begin using today.

Until next time, widen your stance.


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