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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Bicycle Posture

In summer there is nothing like going for a nice bike ride. Whether just touring the

neighbourhood in the evening or commuting to work, there are several good tips to stay at your best.

Newsflash, posture is important. (I know,

you are probably shocked) We have three photos from our model Dr. Ottenbreit. The first posture she is demonstrating includes a rounded back, leaning forward, with the chin jutting out. These things are not good for the back and neck. It adds unnecessary strain throughout the spine.

The second photo has nice spinal alignment, but still the chin juts out. This is something many of us do whether riding a bike or just sitting at the supper table. Less than ideal.

Now the third photo. See how the spine and head are nicely aligned in a straight line? This is what we are looking for with respect to the spine.

We must also discuss the handlebars. We want them higher as this helps with keeping a nice upright posture. None of us are the ‘Tour de France’ types when riding, so let’s stay more upright.

Finally, wear your helmet to keep all this information in your brain.

Until next time, keep your back straight cruising the neighbourhood.


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