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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Golf (Early Season)

This will be a recurring theme. If you know anything about me, you won’t be surprised. I want

to talk about the start of the golf season. Golf addicted crazies (such as myself) are always VERY excited for the spring thaw and return to the range and course. We must talk about this pivotal time of the season.

The driving range. This is a place visited by many, but there's a problem. Think about an actual round of golf and how it plays. You tee off on 1, hitting a shot, walk for 3 minutes, hit a shot, walk 2 minutes, putt for 4 minutes. Add all that up and it is 2 full swings in about 10-13 minutes. Does this occur on the range? Nope.

Here is the way things work on the driving range. People buy the largest bucket for sale, take zero warm up, and hit the balls as fast as possible. You may think I am joking. This is how things work. I have seen people hit another ball while their previous is still in the air. If a regular golf round is 70 full swings, people on the range hit this in 20 minutes vs a regular time of 4 hours! Are you getting the point? The strain on the body is very high due to no recovery time. Not to mention in spring many haven’t hit a ball for 6 months.

Add it all up and you’re in for a hurting, not just on the scorecard.

Until next time, be careful at the range.


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