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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Laptop Computer

We all use computers or similar at a desk. This, of course, is very common at most jobs. We all hear about ‘ergonomics’ as it relates to the set up of an office workstation. What does this all mean? Let’s get into it as it related to the computer.

First thing we need to figure out is laptop vs desktop style computer. The laptop is far less customizable because the screen is attached to the keyboard - move one and the other goes with it. This is less than ideal, but we still have to figure it out.

First thing to look at is your elbows as you address the keyboard. Are they straight or bent? (Please see attached photos) You certainly want bend in your elbows so you aren’t over-reaching for the keyboard. Your

elbows should be at your sides as pictured.

After having moved your laptop to this proper position we can talk head position. You do not want to be looking down all day. See the images and look at the head position. This will be less ideal than a desktop setup as the monitor is more adjustable with the desktop, but that is a topic for another day.

Until then, keep your elbows bent.


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