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  • Dr. Michael Mollenhauer

Topic: Lifting Technique

Lifting is one of the top reasons we have people in the office. This shouldn’t be a shock. We all lift all the time, mostly poorly. Please see the attached photos. If you can’t tell which is proper, read on.

In the poor photo, we see the back rounding like an archway and the legs are straight. This is not good. From a biomechanical basis, this posture is ignoring the big muscles that are made to lift, instead calling upon postural muscles to do heavy lifting. If you look at the muscles in your legs and glutes (butt), they are large. They are strong and ready to lift things, so use them!

Now look at photo #2, the good one. Look at the lower back, it is more upright than in #1. This posture allows us to use the legs and glutes for lifting, just as designed.

On the topic of lifting, we must discuss twisting. Remember: twisting is bad. Easy lesson. Lets take an example of lifting a suitcase up on to the hotel room bed. We have all done this. In proper lifting we lift the object, then turn, then set it down. If you combine the lifting and twisting into one motion, injuries occur. Don’t forget this for hauling the groceries in and out of the trunk or the laundry from the machines. Wet laundry gets heavy!

Until next time, lift with your legs and butt.


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